Company Profile

Founded in 1990, Yueng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports valves & pipe fittings for oil & gas, chemical engineering, petrochemical, food, beverage and refinery applications, including stainless steel, flanged, sanitary and 3-/4-/5-way ball valves; high pressure, butterfly, globe, check and gate valves; Y-strainers, stainless steel balls and fittings.

Headquartered in Taiwan with production, assembly, quality control & assurance, and customer service departments, we have experienced and skillful technicians to provide quality, competitively priced products delivered punctually with high-efficiency service.

With outstanding capabilities in R&D, design and manufacturing, we are ISO 9001:2008 and PED97/23/EC (CE) certified, supplying multi-nationally patented products that are always a step ahead of trends.

We are your fast and reliable access to valves, pipe fittings, and associated solutions. Expect prompt responses to OEM, ODM or processing service inquiries.

ISO 9001:2008 , PED CE

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Production mode

  • OEM
  • ODM
  • OBM
Business Type

  • Manufacturer
  • Design and Research Services
  • Exporter
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  • Global
  • Europe
  • Asia (Except China)
  • North America





ISO 9001:2008